How do I make a booking enquiry? Contact the Bookings Secretary Betty Mallows Tel. 01223 263600.

Can I visit the hall before I book it? Yes, viewings of the hall can be arranged with the Bookings Secretary.

What is the capacity of the Hall? The Hall has capacity for 120 people. Chairs in the main hall seat 100 people with additional chairs on the balcony. In dining format the main hall can seat 80 people. The Committee Room can seat 10-12.

What is the size and layout of the hall? The main hall is 10.20m x 11.90m and contains a stage which can extend to 14 feet (416cm wide x 426cm deep x 78cm high). There are pillars in the main hall shown here. There is a committee room which is 4m x 6.6m. Please refer to the Village Hall Floor Plan for the layout.

How many tables and chairs are there, and what size are they? In the main hall there are 20 rectangular folding tables (152cm x 76cm) and 2 wooden tables (260cm x 75cm). The table in the Committee Room is 184cm x 91cm. Chairs in the main hall seat 100 people with additional chairs on the balcony.

What kitchen facilities are there? The kitchen is accessible from the Main Hall and the Committee Room. There is a serving hatch from the kitchen to the Main Hall. The use of the kitchen is included in the hire charge. There is a commercial kitchen including a commercial dishwasher, a large fridge and a small freezer. There are 2 domestic electric cookers. The kitchen is fully stocked with cutlery, glasses and crockery. If you want to use the dishwasher you must be trained in its use before your eventIf you have not been authorised to use it you will lose your deposit in the event of improper usage. You can arrange training in how to use the dishwasher via the Bookings Secretary.

Is there a stage and sound equipment? There is a stage which extends to 14 feet (416cm wide x 426cm deep x 78cm high). There is a digital projection system (projector, motorised screen, blu-ray DVD player) a surround sound system, a hearing induction loop and microphone. The projection system can be hired for an extra £15, you must be trained in its useIf you have not been authorised to use it you will lose your deposit in the event of improper usage. Training can be arranged via the Bookings Secretary.

Is there car parking? There are 30 parking spaces: 4 spaces suitable for disabled parking at the front of the Hall, the carpark at the side of the hall has space for 9 cars, the signposted overflow parking provided in the adjacent grassed area has space for 17 cars.

What disabled access and facilities does the hall have? There is disabled access to all rooms via the Main Hall. There are no floor level changes in the ground floor of the hall. The balcony of the Main Hall can only be accessed via stairs. There are disabled toilet facilities in the male and female toilets.

Are there baby changing facilities? A baby changing station is in the handwashing area of the ladies toilets.

Can I attach decorations to the wall and ceiling? Yes, please do not use drawing pins or tape on the walls, paintwork, pillars or other surfaces (tape damages paintwork), use blu-tack if you need to put up notices or decorations. Do not fix decorations near light fittings or heaters. No internal decorations of a combustible nature (e.g. polystyrene, cotton wool) are permitted without prior agreement.

During Hire

What should I do in the event of a fire? Please familiarize yourself with the Fire Procedures before your event in the Hiring Agreement. The Fire Brigade must be called to any outbreak of fire however slight, and must be reported to the Bookings Secretary or Committee Chair.

There is some faulty equipment at the Hall; what should I do? Please report it to the Bookings Secretary. If a malfunction is interfering with the proper running of your event, you may report it immediately to any of the people whose numbers appear on the Hiring Agreement.

I’ve broken something belonging to the Hall; where should I report this? Again, to the Bookings Secretary.

 At the Close of my Event

How much cleaning & clearing-up do you expect me to do? The hall must be left in a clean and tidy condition. We expect that all tables & chairs will be clean, and wood floors swept, kitchen and toilet floors mopped. We do not employ a cleaner. We reserve the right to deduct the cost of cleaning from your deposit/charge for additional cleaning where the hall is not left clean and tidy.

What time must we leave? The Hall must be vacated by the end of your specified booking period.

What should I do with my rubbish? Although there are blue and black bins outside the hall, please arrange to bag up your rubbish and take it with you. Our bins are emptied monthly only so if hirers leave their rubbish behind the bins can overflow, creating unpleasantness for all our users.

 After the Event

I think I’ve left some property at the Hall; what can I do about it? Please contact the Bookings Secretary.

When do I get back my deposit?  We aim to refund the deposit within a week after the event. Please note that we reserve the right to deduct an appropriate amount if damage has occurred or cleaning is required.

I’d like to leave some feedback on my experience of the Hall. How do I do this? Contact us at: eversden.village.hall@gmail.com