A number of measures have been adopted at our hall to reduce our carbon footprint:
  • We provide a wider range of activities within the community reducing the need for people to travel by car, and public transport.
  • Renewable electricity is used to heat, light, and power the hall.
  • We have inspected the hall with a thermal camera to highlight cold spots etc. and found that there are no major cold spots and the roof of our hall is well insulated.
  • We regularly maintain our heaters to ensure maximum efficiency.
Consumption and waste
  • Our Craft Nights focus on reuse/upcycling of materials.
  • We have been hosting Clothes Swaps for years to combat ‘fast fashion’.
  • We held our first Repair Café in September 2019. We plan on running 2 Repair Cafés a year to help reduce our local carbon footprint.
  • At our events we try to use locally sourced food where possible and be economical.
  • Where possible we are switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products which will be refilled to reduce our plastic use.
  • For children’s parties we have a party set available (plates, cups, bowls, cutlery) to reduce the use of single use plates and cups.
  • We are a water Refill Station – you can use our kitchen to refill your water bottle during our public events. For more information see Refill.org.uk.
  • We’ve reduced the size of our kitchen waste bin and added a recycling bin in the kitchen to encourage more recycling.
  • We are installing a water butt for watering the plants at our hall.